The Best Charity Shop in Glasgow

After reading a blog post by Zoe, I knew I had to visit The Magpie’s Nest. It’s a charity shop in Govan filled with all sorts of things from cutlery to teacups to vinyl to wardrobes. They make ‘Starter Packs’ which are made up of bedding, pots and pans and cutlery to help those who need it.

They describe the shop as being an Aladdin’s Cave on their website and it really is! There’s two shops, The Magpie’s Eye is a gallery filled with music tapes, CDs and vinyls. They also sell furniture and clothes and they have a section where local crafty people have their items on display for sale.

The second shop The Magpie’s Nest was the main traditional shop and it sells men and ladies’ clothing and the bit that I was most in love with – plates, cutlery and lots of lovely kitchen items!

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Picked this up today for a quid in the best charity shop in Glasgow. I had to blog about it, link in bio. #charityshop #vintage #glasgow

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I could have spent all day in there, it’s one of those places where you could look around it five times and still see something you hadn’t seen before. The shop is really easy to get to, catch the Subway to Govan, head straight out the Subway and keep walking for about two minutes till you see the shop.

Most of the items are in really good condition and everything is ridiculously cheap. I saw a table on sale for £1, it was big and all it would’ve needed was a bit of a paint and it would look brand new again. My inner DIY crafty person inside of me was wanting to buy it all to upcycle it.

Seriously though, times are tough lately and you could really find a lot of furniture in there to do up a flat or house for cheap.

Glass from the Past

Glass from the Past

I came away with  5 items for only £2.90! I bought two plates that I liked and I’m thinking of maybe turning them into a cake stand. I also bought two glasses which I thought would make small dessert bowls and a corkboard coaster which I’m planning to do something crafty with.

The shops were busy which was nice and I’ll definitely keep returning to see what other goodies they have.