How to Survive Camping

When you think of camping you might think of cold weather, rain, bugs and mud. However camping can easily turn into glamping, it just depends on what you take. I really enjoy camping and find it so relaxing, especially when it’s a long summer’s night. If you’re unsure about an upcoming camping trip, follow these tips to help you enjoy your time away.


Buy a good tent

This might seem obvious but if you want to glamp, you’ll need a tent big enough to fit everyone who’s going plus a little extra room. I’ve got a 6 man tent for 2 people, there’s loads of room for us to sleep in it and we’ve got storage room for food and our table.

Shop around for a tent and visit stores like Go Outdoors and Decathlon where they have some tents on show. Read people’s reviews, don’t buy too cheap but also don’t go too expensive if you’re only going to be camping in summer and not extreme temperatures!

Go for an electric pitch

If you want your phone to last the trip and you don’t think you can last without straighteners or gadgets, then paying a little bit extra to get a pitch with an electric hook up is totally worth it. You can even take a heater with you to warm up on cold nights.

Get a tent carpet and footprint

A footprint is what the tent sits on so you’re not putting your tent on a muddy patch. It keeps the tent drier and warmer resulting in a happier camper.

Tent carpets will help warm up your tent whilst making it feel more cosy. The carpet will soak up all the mud you might bring into the tent, leaving a clean tent at the end of the trip. It’s much nicer to sit on a carpet than on a damp tent floor too!

donkeys near campsite

Light, light and more light!

You can never have enough lights when it comes to camping. Bring a bunch of torches, and some windup ones too in case the others run out of batteries. I like having some warm white lights in the bedroom part of the tent so it’s not too clinically bright and more relaxing. I also have some solar powered lights outside the tent so that at night, I can see the tent in the distance.

Keep warm

If you’ve got a bedroom compartment, zip up the door to it during the day to keep it warm. Make sure you wear something different to bed than during the day as your day clothes might be damp. Buy pairs of thick socks, you can get some really thick ones from Primark and make these your sleeping bag socks. If you’re taking a blow up bed, some insulation pads underneath will help keep the warmth in. I also take two sleeping bags and use one like a duvet cover. You can never have enough blankets either!

Don’t ruin your good clothes

Don’t wear your best clothes when pitching the tent and buy a pair of walking boots for muddy walks. I like to buy a cheap pair of slip on shoes so that I don’t need to sit and lace up my shoes when I want to go to the toilet block or to the car to get something.


For the price of two nights stay in a hotel, you can get a week away on a campsite with a much better view than you’d probably get in a cheapy hotel. That’s definitely one reason to love camping!

Hope you enjoy going camping!