My little petrol guzzling car,

We’ve done 34,000 miles together. Remember the first 10 miles? My dad was in the passenger seat, clutching on for dear life, as I learnt to drive you. I remember that time well, we were followed by a large lorry and I was whizzing around roundabouts, praying that the lorry would indicate off. There was also that time the wind was so strong, the L plates flew off. Every Monday night you came with me to a photography group that my dad and I went to, and every week I got a bit more confident on those windy country roads.

Then there was the joyous day that I passed my driving test. Me telling my mum that I was away to drive somewhere with my new found freedom and her staying at home hoping we’d come back all in one piece. She didn’t need to worry, we’d only gone to the town I used to drive to every Monday night, one of the few routes I knew off by heart. That’s when I tried to buy petrol and embarrassingly didn’t realise that I needed to tell the machine whether I was paying at the pump or at the till and somebody had to make a tannoy announcement.

You certainly came with your quirks; a boot that could only be opened from the inside, windscreen wipers that occasionally came off,  you shook when you went to 70 or when stopped at lights and a left indicator that needed to be held down when we looped roundabouts. Despite your quirks, we’ve dropped friends off, picked family up, and even drove 400 miles to meet my boyfriend.

On June 3rd 2012, we drove for the first time on the motorway to Cardiff. That was two months after I passed my driving test but I was eager to make the journey. It took us a good 8 or 9 hours with breaks but the trip was certainly worth it (despite stalling you from excitement and nerves when I met my boyfriend).

From that day on, my boyfriend and I have made many memories, with you taking us from A to Z. Sometimes breaking in between, but that just gave us something to talk about on the way home.

We’ve been to the Yorkshire Dales, Loch Lomond countless times, Aviemore, Edinburgh, Dundee, St Andrews, Inverness, Fort William, Glencoe, Norfolk, London, driven around Isle of Cumbrae in about ten minutes, parked you up at Largs and ate chips, tested your brakes in Barry Island and ran away to Gretna Green.

Sitting on the bonnet of my car which is parked at the Isle of Cumbrae

We’ve also packed you up with IKEA furniture, been frightened at multiple car washes, driven you around lots of cities, got caught behind parades, had butterflies in our stomachs on hilly roads, driven you onto ferries (not into), been rescued from a ditch by a barefooted van driver, had reunions in Glasgow Airport’s car park, blasted music from your small speakers with sunglasses on feeling like we were in a movie.

And we’ve sang to our heart’s content.

Thanks for getting us there.

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