Edinburgh Fringe on a Budget

Cheap might not come to mind when you think of the Fringe and Edinburgh, accommodation can be pricey especially as it’s during the summer (yep, this is our summer). However with a little searching, the Fringe can seem a little more purse friendly.

To stay or not to stay?

For those of us not lucky enough to live in Edinburgh during the Fringe or be able to stay with friends/family, it might be easier to stay over in Edinburgh especially if there’s lots of shows you want to see.

If you’re wanting to just see a couple and they don’t finish really late, the cheaper option for you would be the train. Scotrail put on more coaches and more trains during the Fringe which is handy if you’re seeing a few late shows.

If you want to stay and can’t afford the hotels in the area, try a self catering place. Last year, I camped during the Fringe however the time it took us to set up the tent really ate into our weekend.

This year, we’re going back to the same campsite, Mortonhall,  but instead staying in a wigwam that has a TV, heating and kettle. This means we can arrive, leave our stuff and head into central Edinburgh for the Fringe buzz. Mortonhall Campsite is in the south of Edinburgh where there’s a bus stop right outside the campsite and the buses are really frequent.

Entrance to Edinburgh Fringe

Freebies at the Fringe

There’s so much on at the Fringe which is why I like it so much. Usually if you want to see a show, you wait weeks and weeks for it, but at the fringe you can hop from one venue to the next and spend the whole day being entertained.

With so much on, there’s shows for everyone, young and old and for every price range. PBH’s Free Fringe is perfect for anyone who wants to be part of the Fringe but doesn’t want to spend money on tickets. Obviously the big names won’t be free, but you could be discovering someone who might become a big shot later on!

Become a Friend of the Fringe

Becoming a Friend is really easy, you just need to buy a one-off membership on the Fringe website. I’m on the lowest membership rank which cost me £30 and means I can see up to 15 shows (with a max of two tickets per show) at 2 for 1 prices. Before you buy a membership, make sure you’re going to save at least the amount the membership costs otherwise there’s no point in buying it. Also, not all shows have the Friend deal so remember to look out for that.

There are other memberships that you can buy if you wanted to see more than fifteen shows with the deal. Here’s all the Friends of the Fringe info.


Use Edinburgh Fringe’s Planning Calendar

It’s free to create an account on the Fringe website and you can browse all the shows and add them to your calendar. You don’t need to have booked the shows to add them to the calendar. I like using this as it means I don’t accidentally double book something and so I can see where I have space to fit in some more shows.

Are you heading to the Fringe this year? What’s on your must see list?