Pumpkin Picking at Arnprior Farm

I didn’t realise that pumpkin picking existed in the UK until I googled pumpkin farms in Scotland out of curiosity. Autumn is my favourite season – all those auburn colours and orange glows make everything seem so cosy – so I like to make the most of it before everything comes to a standstill in the winter.

Arnprior Pumpkins

I found Arnprior Pumpkins in Stirlingshire on Facebook and as it was only a 45 minute drive away, I decided it was too good an opportunity to pass.

When we arrived, there was a hay bale dressed up as a pumpkin which led us to the farm. The colours were amazing and although it was raining, it didn’t dampen my enjoyment. The pumpkin patch was really big and even with quite a few people picking, we never got in anyone’s way.

There was such a wide range of pumpkins to choose from; there were gigantic pumpkins, small ones, white ones and spooky looking warty ones.

I chose a pumpkin that was deemed large and it weighed 8 kilos! It was fun being able to pick the pumpkin you wanted and without the pressure of holding people up like you would at a supermarket.

At the farm you could also pull up turnips and dig potatoes. Children could get their faces painted and get lost in the kale maze. Being city dwellers, my boyfriend and I actually had to buy some wellies before we went but thank goodness we did as the rain poured down.

Food vans were set up and when you went to pay for your pumpkin, there were some halloween stalls selling sweets and decorations.

The farm was decorated well and lots of people took pictures of the pumpkin cart and the various pumpkin displays around the site. The fog on the day seems to really add a spooky halloween feel in my photos!

I’d like to do this every October, the pumpkins we chose are so much bigger than the “gigantic” ones you get at supermarkets.

Happy pumpkin picking season!

2 Comments on “Pumpkin Picking at Arnprior Farm”

  1. I love love love this!!! As an American I miss going to pumpkin patches, and get so jealous when all my friends’ instagrams are filled with it! So glad to see that the UK has some :] Hope all is well!

  2. @Vivian Vu  Aw thanks! I always get so annoyed that the UK doesn’t make more of a
    big deal with Halloween – it was nice to do something that wasn’t just
    for kids!

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