Walking an Alpaca in Scotland

The day I walked an alpaca was a brilliant day.

I love alpacas and when I found a farm in the Scottish Borders that put on walks with the fluffy little creatures, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. It’s not like you get to see a cute little alpaca every day.

I drove with my boyfriend to Velvet Hall Alpacas in Innerleithen where we were greeted warmly by Jean who runs the farm. The alpacas bounded over to us and sniffed us to make sure we weren’t concealing any treats from them.

Alpaca Farm in Innerleithen

Alpaca Farm on a Sunny Day

I got to choose the alpaca I wanted to take and so I chose Pearson as he was described as being cuddly. On our walk, I took hundreds of photos and we stopped on a hilly area to admire the view and get some good pics of my new alpaca friend.

Two other alpacas accompanied Pearson and I as alpacas like to go in a group. Pearson was easy to walk with, he kept a good pace and didn’t pull me along. He was a real snacker as he couldn’t stop eating  along the walk, quite like me then!

I could tell that Jean really loves alpacas as she answered all my questions about them and even let me feed all the alpacas after the walk. The whole experience was meant to be one hour and I ended up being there for two!

The alpacas were unbelievably cute and they didn’t seem nervous of us at all. They never spat at us or kicked, they were very friendly and looked like they wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Alpacas at Velvet Hall Alpacas

Velvet Hall Alpaca Farm

During the walk I had convinced myself that I could buy two alpacas as pets as they can be a reasonable cost. One day my dream will come true!

If you’re ever in this part of Scotland, there’s a few places in Innerleithen that you can go for lunch before the walk and the town has free public toilets which are handy if you’ve travelled a long way.

Going on an alpaca trek is something quite unusual and would make a great gift or a fun weekend away for friends/your other half who’s alpaca mad.

It’s been over two months since I walked Pearson and I’m still looking back at all the photos I took and reminiscing.

White Alpaca on a hill

Pearson the Alpaca

fluffy brown alpaca

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