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An Amazing View of Glasgow

You’ve seen it in a lot of American films; a group of young twenty-somethings unite on the Hollywood Hills smiling out towards the city reminiscing about the good times before the end credits start rolling.

I’ve always wanted to view Glasgow like that and as there aren’t any large white letters signifying a viewpoint, I didn’t think there’d be a specific place with an amazing view.

One sunny evening I decided to make the most of the weather and googled parks in and around Glasgow. Cathkin Braes Country Park popped up on my phone and off I went in search for this park.

Luckily I wasn’t following my sat-nav as that would’ve taken me to the car park. Instead, I parked up near a gate to the park, dodging the ‘keep clear’ sign etched on the road.

Going through this gate, turning left, climbing a tiny hill and walking past part of a mountain bike trail, got me to the great view destination.

Sitting down on a bit of the hill that jutted out, it was the perfect place to see an amazing view of the sun setting over Glasgow.

As the sun was setting, it was difficult to make out a lot of attractions in Glasgow but I did manage to spot the massive Emirates arena!

I want to go back when it’s really dark as I can imagine it’ll be impressive with all the streetlights.

I haven’t shared any photos of the view as my pictures didn’t do it justice but I really recommend going even if it is just for a walk one evening.