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Picking Strawberries at Craigie’s Farm in South Queensferry

Raspberries, strawberries and cherries in baskets which we picked at Craigie's Farm

For years I’ve been meaning to go to a PYO farm but always missed the season for picking. There’s something quite fun about being let loose in a field picking delicious fruit, it’s just not the same in the supermarket.

I went to Craigie’s Farm in South Queensferry (only an hour from Glasgow) as it seems to be the biggest fruit picking farm that’s near me in Scotland, plus it had farm animals and a cafe.

There’s loads of parking at Craigie’s Farm and the fine afternoon I went was especially busy because of the sunny weather. We parked up and made our way over to a large strawberry hut where we paid £3 each to get in. This was redeemable against fruit picked so if we picked £6 worth of fruit we wouldn’t need to pay any more.

Strawberries ready to pick

Although there were lots of people, once you’re in the farm you’ve got plenty of space to pick fruit in peace. We were given a map of the best picking points and some plastic baskets; we could pick strawberries, raspberries, cherries and rhubarb. There was something quite satisfying about picking fruit, it was so easy to get carried away but we had to remember that we didn’t want to spend loads on fruit! The strawberries came in all sizes, the farm had some of the biggest I’d seen and the colours were so rich.

Raspberries in a tub at Craigie's Farm

Once we’d picked fruit, we put them in the car so we could go look at the farm animals. Craigie’s Farm has pigs, chickens (you could also pick eggs), sheep and Shetland ponies. The chicken coop had a radio, does music help chickens lay spectacular eggs? We didn’t buy anything from the shop or cafe but they had some lovely products, the kind of foodstuff you could give as a nice present.

Raspberries at Craigie's Farm

I’m happy because there are raspberries!

When we got home, we tried the fruit. Would it be as good as it smelled? Oh yes it was. They are the tastiest fruits I’ve ever had and all picked by me! Craigie’s Farm is somewhere I’d definitely go back to, it’s fun for everyone and when you get a sunny day, it feels like you’re somewhere far from Scotland.

Have you been to a PYO farm before?

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