London is an awesome city; there’s so much going on that everyone can find something they enjoy.

I visited London on a budget for 4 days and still managed to see everything I wanted to, although I’ll definitely be back!

Top Tip: get an Oyster card and buy unlimited travel in zones 1&2. We saved about £50 in travel and it meant we could hop on and off the tube and the buses as much as we wanted to.

Staying in Shoreditch

We stayed at The RE Hotel in Shoreditch through a secret hotel deal. The hotel was just used as somewhere to sleep at night so we didn’t really care about the facilities – except the free wifi!

I really liked the location; there’s a Tesco Express across the street and a bus stop that got us to Liverpool Street in 5 minutes. There’s also some cool bars and a red double-decker bus that sells alcohol and vegan food.

Sky Garden

One highlight for me was getting to eat breakfast in the Sky Garden with glorious views across London. I love a bit of people watching and so it was fun to see the city up high. The bar had pastries, cakes, cookies and doughnuts for breakfast, with my sweet tooth I was in heaven! It’s also free entry unlike The Shard. I’d recommend booking a table to avoid disappointment as it’s popular.

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Take a Tour of Royal Albert Hall

I love live music and going to the theatre and I especially love going behind the scenes. So a tour of The Royal Albert Hall was definitely a highlight. The tour guide made exploring interesting and they let us watch a snippet of a show that they were rehearsing for. We also got to sit in the seats that Queen Lizzie & family would sit in if they were attending a show.

Camden & the Cereal Killer Cafe

Camden was great for markets and had a bit of a buzz around the area. You could spend the whole day shopping there. I’ve wanted to visit the Cereal Killer Cafe for ages so was very excited when I got to have Lucky Stars cereal with Magic Stars. The Camden cafe is the biggest cafe they have (& the best in my opinion!).

Lucky Stars cereal at the Cereal Cafe

Standing on Time at Greenwich

The whole day at Greenwich was fun; the start of the journey began by taking the DLR (driverless railway) there. I naturally wanted to sit at the front where the driver would have normally sat. Once off the train, there was a lovely walk up to the Greenwich Royal Observatory – and when you got there you could see the centre of London with all its tall buildings staring back at you. At the observatory, you can watch a show at the planetarium and stand on the Meridian line.

We also went on the London Eye (& discovered that I’m not as good with heights as I thought) and visited the Tower of London. Both attractions should have cost over £100 for our tickets but I googled cheap ticket deals and got 4 tickets for just over £60!

However, I definitely enjoyed myself more doing the less touristy things of Laaandaaaan.

Other Cool Things to Do in London

  • Watch a film at The Picture House in Stratford.
  • Eat cupcakes at Primrose Bakery in Camden.
  • Have dinner at The Breakfast Club & go through a giant fridge to a secret bar.
  • Experience an earthquake at the Natural History museum.
  • If you’re a geek like me, go to the Museum of Brands, Advertising & Packaging.














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