I visited Amsterdam back in March for my 21st birthday and I’m so glad I chose this wonderful city to celebrate it in. Here’s my top things to do in Amsterdam apart from eating everything!

Amsterdam Museum

Brush up on your knowledge with a visit to the Amsterdam Museum. It’s taking technology in its stride as when you enter, you pick up a leaflet in a language that you can understand. The leaflet has a unique QR code on it that when you go around, you scan it and watch videos in your language. Step outside the museum and see the lovely design of the building and there’s also a little book market and you can see part of the Amsterdam University.

Upstairs Pancakes

Many have probably passed this little cafe, and not realised what lies behind the door. To get to the cafe, you have to go up a flight of stairs. Doesn’t sound too bad but these stairs are sickeningly steep but it’s so worth it for the pancakes. They arrive the same size as a big plate and you can see them being made. I’d book a table in advance because it’s very popular and small!

Rent Bikes

Amsterdam is extremely cycle friendly, there are plenty of cycle lanes and where there’s space, there’s usually a bike.  Mac Bikes have a good reputation and the shop is close to Amsterdam Central Station. The staff are very friendly and explain where you’re best to leave the bikes so they don’t get stolen. Vondelpark is good to cycle around and get used to your bike.


Keukenhof is a huge tulip park that’s only open for a month but if you’re ever in Amsterdam when it is, you should make time to go. Visit nearer the end of the month as more flowers will have bloomed. There’s also a big windmill you can go in and lots of little gift shops dotted around the park. We spent 5 hours when we went! It’s not in Amsterdam, but you can get a direct bus to the park from Schiphol Airport and see more of Holland.

I Amsterdam Sign

The ‘I Amsterdam’ sign is a must when you visit. It’s a large sign where you’ll find lots of people sitting on the ‘m’ or leaning on the ‘i’. Walk or take a tram to Museumplein where you’ll see the sign with the beautiful Rijksmuseum in the background. It’s a great spot for holiday snaps.

Share your favourite things to do in Amsterdam with me!

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