Saving my Skin with Sk:n in Glasgow

My skin has never been great; since I was 15 I’ve always had some type of spot on living on my face.  Every year my skin has gotten a little bit better but I reached a point where I was frequently getting angry spots, that I called volcanoes as they were hot lumps on my skin that felt huge. Nothing seemed to work on my skin, lotions from Boots were making my sensitive skin burn and all the pills that my doctor prescribed were no use.

Feeling fed up, I decided to have a chat to a skin consultant at Sk:n on Gordon Street in Glasgow after reading that the NHS is one of their partners. The consultation was free and the lady who looked at my skin was lovely and didn’t make me feel self-conscious. She told me that my skin is ‘congested’ which made perfect sense and that my skin wasn’t actually dry, it was just a bit dehydrated.

I was recommended a microdermabrasion treatment which is basically what looks like a pen that sucks up dead skin off your face and puts tiny crystals on your skin to make it softer. The treatment is meant to help your skin produce more collagen too. It isn’t painful at all, I actually really like the sensation as it makes my face feel so clean.

After the first treatment, my skin was a little red (which is normal) and some spots were quite prominent on my face. The consultant told me that it’s a good sign as the spots that were clogged under my skin were now able to be treated.

I went for 5 microdermabrasion treatments and after every treatment, my face was so soft. I don’t think I noticed any results after the first couple but after the 5th one, my face was incredibly soft and I was no longer getting angry spots. It also really reduced some patches of redness that I had on my face.

My Sk:n Routine

To keep a good skincare routine at home, I bought a skincare pack from Sk:n that was picked by my consultant to suit my skin.

I was given a facial wash and moisturiser to use twice a day, a pore refining lotion for night, anti-blemish control serum for the morning & a suncream to use during the sunnier days. All the products smell so clean and they aren’t perfumed which means my skin never feels warm or fuzzy after using them. My moisturiser isn’t greasy, I can feel my skin really absorbing it after I use it and all the products are so gentle. I honestly can’t believe how well the products have worked, I now don’t get any sore spots and the spots I do get, are either because I’ve forgotten to use all my products for a while or I’ve been particularly stressed.

The products are quite expensive (I think all my products cost £100) however they’ve lasted me about eight months and as they’ve actually worked, it’s worth every penny for me. I dread to think about the amount of money I’ve spent trying over the counter creams & washes.

If your skin is getting you down, I’d recommend having a chat with one of the Sk:n consultants and seeing what they suggest. My skin isn’t perfect but it’s 100x better than what it used to be!