Trying Amazon Prime Now in Glasgow

I thought when click and collect shopping became a thing in supermarkets that I would use it all the time but truth be told, I love browsing. When I realised that I couldn’t make it out to the shops because I had a deadline and didn’t have time to sit in rush hour traffic, I downloaded the Amazon Prime Now app to see what it was like.

The Prime Now app is simple to use and groups items into categories; bakery, chilled, fruit and veg, health and beauty and so on. Searching for products was a doddle and adding them to my basket was a tad too easy.

Decent Prices with Prime Now

My usual is Tesco and so I thought the prices would be quite expensive in comparison. I was surprised to find that my shop with Tesco would have been £6 dearer. Cereal and frozen pizzas were a lot cheaper through Prime Now compared to Tesco and they even had my Lactofree milk.

One downside was the lack of choice especially for things like fizzy juice and fruit. Morrisons was the only supermarket that appeared on the app, I’m not sure if that’s down to lack of partnership between other supermarkets or just my location.

Amazon Prime Now Purchases

At the checkout I could see everything I’d ordered and I could amend the quantities without any fuss but when it came to changing my mind after entering a delivery time, it didn’t save any of my preferences if I went away to add something else in. Amazon had sneakily entered a £2 delivery tip in for me but it was easy to change that before I pressed buy.

Delivery was free which also surprised me as most supermarkets charge for their delivery. When it got to nearly 4pm, I noticed that a ‘one hour delivery’ came up as being £6. However, a delivery between 1 to 2 hours and later was still free so I just went for that option.

Track the Delivery

Amazon updated me via email when they were preparing my delivery and I could track the delivery on the Prime Now app. Unfortunately as my street is quite new lots of sat navs don’t seem to guide people to the right place. My delivery took a bit longer because of this but did only take just over an hour. The delivery driver was very friendly as he handed over all the paper bags and it wasn’t awkward because they don’t accept a cash tip.

As I was a new customer I got £5 off making it £11 cheaper than going to Tesco. It certainly wouldn’t replace my normal shop as there wasn’t much choice and because I do quite like looking around the supermarket. For times when you’ve left something to the last minute or forgot to get food in for someone visiting, I think it would be a good alternative to supermarket delivery or click and collect.

Pros: free delivery, good prices, don’t need cash on you

Cons: lack of choice, £20 minimum spend