Broadfield Hill in Howwood

Broadfield Hill is one of my favourite hill walks as there are lots of great opportunities for scenic views and every so often you can spot a plane heading to its final destination – Glasgow Airport.

The walk begins in Howwood’s wood near Hillfoot Drive. There is a sign at the entrance with a path that eventually leads uphill. Stop and take in the view at this point – it doesn’t take long to get some height!

The path will then split into two – you want to take the path to the left which leads slightly uphill – there is a small burn that you cross (easy to step over) and follow the path to the right.

Following this path will take you through Skiff Wood. Look out for a path between trees on your right – you will want to take this route. Keep following the path which will start getting more uphill.

This route will end up popping out in between trees where there’s a huge field.

Broadfield Hill is super close now – you should see the hill in the distance. Make your way to it and once you’ve climbed the hill, the trig point is in front of you.

Can you see the trig point in the distance? I used my compass and a map to pinpoint the exact location of this hill. I would recommend bringing along a map for this walk if you’re not local to the area as there are lots of different routes you may end up going.

I stopped at the trig point for a while to take in the view as it was a sunny clear day and had a great shot of the planes coming in.

I walked this route when it had recently been snowing and some parts were a little icy. It wasn’t boggy but I think in other months it might be quite a muddy walk – always good to wear walking boots!

Broadfield Hill

Grid Ref: NS 4086 5921
Nearest town: Howwood
Hill height: 236m