Muirshiel Country Park

It wasn’t until 2020 that I discovered this brilliant park, a place where you truly feel away from it all. Muirshiel Country Park is one of my top places to go.

The drive up to Muirshiel is lovely, there’s a single track road which passes country cottages and hills – living on a main street I could quite happily stay on this road and just stare at the countryside!

There’s lots of places to park and there’s parking right at the visitor centre. If you wanted more of a walk you can park your car in the first carpark.

Muirshiel Park Walks

From the carparks, you can walk along the tarmac path or head into the woodland path on your left. Following this woodland path will lead you to the visitor centre or you can take the route to the waterfall.

At the visitor centre, there’s a map showing the different walking routes, two of which I’ve walked.

Windy Hill

Aptly named, this hill does get windy! The walk to Windy Hill begins near the visitor centre carpark, directly across the road there is a path that leads uphill – take this path.

Keep following the path which goes through a foresty area, then take a right out of this little woodland area.

Keep following the path and you will come to a gate, you should see the hill in the distance. The path leading up to the base of the hill can be quite boggy – I recommend wearing walking boots and not trainers.

I’ve walked this hill twice, the first time we were there early and the mist hadn’t lifted so we couldn’t see a thing, it felt like we were in a little bubble.

Thankfully the second time we went, it was a beautifully blue sky day. At the top, it was very windy which you can see from the picture of me at the cairn!

Mine Route

From the visitor centre, walk onto the tarmac path and follow the path going left which will lead up to a gate.

Follow the path which will lead you to a section with signposts. Follow the mine route!

Walking along the Mine Route

It’s a good walk to stretch the legs and there’s a good path the whole way. I love how it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere.

You will know you are near the old mine as there is a little information point where you can spin a handle to charge it up and hear stories – a nice little addition without ruining the landscape!

Further along from the Mine Route, there is the Hill of Stake. I haven’t climbed this yet but it is on my list to do.

Whether you’re looking for a short walk, a long walk, a hilly walk or a walk with a view – Muirshiel has you covered!

Muirshiel is part of Clyde Muirshiel Park – this is also where you will find Castle Semple Park which is also in Lochwinnoch and well worth a visit.