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Pumpkin Picking at Arnprior Farm

For three years, pumpkin picking at Arnprior Farm has become a tradition during Autumn and in the lead up to Halloween. Fighting over pumpkins in the supermarket on Halloween Eve just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore after going out to the countryside and spending time in the fresh air. 

Arnprior Farm

Arnprior Pumpkins is in the tiny village of Arnprior in Stirlingshire.  The pumpkin picking experience has evolved since we first as its become more popular. Arnprior Farm now also have glamping pods which inside look like a boutique hotel room. If you’re coming from far away, it means you can stay over, pumpkin pick and get access to their shared swimming pool (they also do pool parties). 

Rainbow over Arnprior Farm

Last year when we went to Arnprior Farm, not only did they have a large pumpkin patch they also had someone doing woodworking so you could take home a wooden pumpkin or a wooden door plaque with your name on it. They also had a photographer taking a set photo in front of hay bales – popular with couples and those looking to get a family photo with everyone in it. 

There was such a wide range of pumpkins to choose from; there were gigantic pumpkins, small ones which are cutely named munchkins, white ones and spooky-looking warty ones. 

I chose a pumpkin that was deemed large and it weighed 8 kilos! It was fun being able to pick the pumpkin you wanted and it felt more special because you had made the effort to go out to the farm and pick it up. Despite its popularity, the farm never feels cramped and you have plenty of space and room to wander around without feeling rushed. When you’ve picked the pumpkins you want, head to the exit and pay per size. At the exit, they usually sell Halloween inspired products made locally. 

You could also pull up turnips and dig potatoes. Children could get their faces painted, get lost in the kale maze or go for a spin in the tractor ride. For the city dwellers, you can borrow wellies but it’s probably best to bring a pair anyway – you don’t want to get your good shoes muddy!

Why I love going to Arnprior Farm

Arnprior Farm is family run and I think they do a tremendous job at running an event and having all lots of people from far away visiting their small village. 

They genuinely care that people enjoy their pumpkin picking experience, and change things to suit feedback. Which is one of the reasons I like to return to Arnprior, as well as getting out to see the lovely Stirlingshire area.



  • Vivian Vu
    October 18, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    I love love love this!!! As an American I miss going to pumpkin patches, and get so jealous when all my friends’ instagrams are filled with it! So glad to see that the UK has some :] Hope all is well!

  • copytyper
    October 18, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    @Vivian Vu  Aw thanks! I always get so annoyed that the UK doesn’t make more of a
    big deal with Halloween – it was nice to do something that wasn’t just
    for kids!


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