The lowest trig point in Scotland

I didn’t initially set out to find Scotland’s lowest trig point – I was on holiday to Kintyre and after exploring the Isle of Gigha, I wanted to see what was nearby.

I opened up my OS Maps app (yep, I’m still going on about it because I think my OS Maps app has been such a good purchase) and found that there was a trig point a short walk away from the ferry port at Tayinloan.

Where exactly is the lowest trig point in Scotland?

The trig point can be found at Rhunahaorine which is close to Tayinloan on the Kintyre peninsula. There is a holiday park very close by to it, however I’d strongly recommend not driving to the holiday park to visit the trig point. If you head to the Tayinloan ferry terminal, there’s a tearoom and car park for the ferry – we had visited the trig point after visiting Isle of Gigha.

There’s a gate just before the beach near the public toilets and tearoom. Go past here and keep following the beach (there is also a path adjacent to the beach that’s part of the Kintyre Way route) until you see the trig point!

The sandy beach I walked along

The beach was very quiet despite it being a sunny day, it was also good to see the ferry going to Gigha from the perspective of not being on the boat!

The walk took us an hour to complete which included a few stops for me to try and find some sea glass (which I did!).

Rhunahaorine trig point

Height above sea level: 2.66m
Region: Kintyre, Argyll and Bute
Time it took to walk: from Tayinloan Ferry Terminal, 30 mins one way
Things to know: sheep nearby trig point, public toilets at Tayinloan Ferry Terminal.

Start the walk from Tayinloan Ferry Terminal – or the holiday park if you’re staying there!

Visit this trig point and you can say you’ve visited Scotland’s lowest trig point – now all that’s left is the highest!