Loch Voil Lookout

Visiting Loch Lomond, it can be easy to miss Loch Voil as the beauty of Loch Lomond and the surrounding villages can mesmerise you. It can also be very easy to miss the mirrored cabin called the Loch Voil Lookout.

From Luss, Loch Voil is just over an hour’s drive away. It is in the Balquhidder area which is full of history as this is where outlaw Rob Roy lived and died. Take care on the roads leading up to Loch Voil as they are single track roads.

You’ll know you are in the right area when you see the pretty and pink Monachyle Mhor Hotel, there’s a visitor car park for the lookout which is about a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Monachyle Mhor – an annual race was being held when we visited!

The Lookout has been designed to reflect the scenery, it’s a magical cabin that feels like it appears and disappears depending on where you look. With benches built into it, it’s been perfectly designed to draw people to the area without disturbing the view.

These quirky viewpoints have been designed by architects as part of the Scottish Scenic Routes initiative which allows young architects to design viewpoints that will bring in more tourism to lesser-known parts of the Trossachs.

How to get to Loch Voil Lookout

You will need a car to get to this lookout which is in Monachyle, just outside of Balquhidder and off the A84.

For a detailed map, visit Loch Lomond and Trossach’s website.

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